Israel Further Expands Settlements

October 21, 2013

According to data recently released by the Israeli organization "Peace Now," between January and June of this year a total of 2,840 new housing units were added to Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israel began establishing settlements in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and Syria's Golan Heights immediately after its occupation of these territories in the 1967 war. Israel removed its settlements from Gaza in 2005. There are currently almost 500,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank, Arab East Jerusalem and Syria's Golan Heights.

Building new Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem aims to 1) create "facts on the ground" which lead to the permanent incorporation of new territory by Israel and 2) keep Palestinian territories divided and surrounded by the Israeli army.

Today, settlements form a barrier between Arab East Jerusalem and the West Bank and between numerous Palestinian towns and villages on the West Bank.

The settlements and the interconnecting roads slice up the territorial continuity of Palestine and provide the Israeli army easy access at any time to re-occupy Palestinian land and attack Palestinian civilians.

This expansion of Israeli settlements further exposes the sham "peace process" and "peace talks" being orchestrated by U.S. imperialism. While the U.S. government piously talks about the "rights of the Palestinians" and the Israeli government engages in endless "negotiations," Israel is annexing more Palestinian and Arab land.