Iraqi National Police Launch Military Offensive in Iraq

August 27, 2013

In early August, Iraqi National Police launched a new "security crackdown" in Iraq.

The capital city Baghdad has been targeted and normal traffic stopped by onerous searches at its hundreds of military checkpoints, especially at the outskirts of the city.

Large military units backed by air support are carrying out heavy operations in the villages and farm areas in the vicinity of Baghdad, concentrating predominantly in the region north of the capital.

Numerous large scale raids have occurred in Baghdad. On August 10 alone 98 people were arrested on trumped up charges.

The latest security operation, called "revenge of the martyrs," began a little over a week after forces opposed to the U.S. occupation stormed the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. On the same day they stormed a second prison also known to house large numbers of political prisoners.

In addition, U.S. and Iraqi officials have openly been admitting that they are worried about the growing numbers of attacks by resistance forces.

The current "government" in Iraq was installed during U.S. occupation after the U.S. launched the war in 2003.

Today, according to Kenneth Katzman of the Middle East Institute, at least 175 people in the U.S. military are working for the military commanders in charge of the Department of Defense in Iraq, backed up by over 3,300 support staff. According to the July 2013 CENTCOM Quarterly Census Report, there are 10,300 private military contractors supporting the "U.S. Government in Iraq." According to the report, not all of the contractors are armed.

The U.S. organized counter-insurgency war is directed against the struggles of the Iraq people for national independence and national sovereignty.

The Obama administration has made it clear that the goals of the U.S. are to establish a "free market system" in Iraq and a U.S.-dictated political system. So too, Iraq is being used as a base to spread U.S. influence and a "free trade zone" throughout the Middle East.