Iran Condemns U.S. Nuclear Blackmail and Calls for "Equal and Respectful" Relations

September 12, 2010

On August 29, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast spoke to Fars News Agency about claims by the Obama administration that it wants to "negotiate" with Iran, even while the U.S. continues to escalate its hostile policy and military preparations against Iran.

Mehmanparast spoke out against U.S. threats and pressures on Iran and pointed out that the U.S. is responsible for imposing sanctions and is also threatening Iran with military aggression, including nuclear aggression. Referring to the long-standing position of the U.S. government that it "reserves the right" to launch nuclear weapons against Iran, Mehmanparast said, "It is one of the most inhuman statements that a government can make."

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that any talks between the two countries would require "equal and respectful" conditions. According to Mehmanparast, "If the U.S. seriously seeks to revive relations with Iran, it should make changes in its attitude. Washington should prove that it will never repeat previous mistakes and will not pursue misguided and hostile policies towards the Iranian nation. We should sense a maturity in remarks and attitude of U.S. officials and they should accept that rights of nations must be respected. However, there is no reason to prepare the grounds for establishing relations at the time the U.S. attacks other countries, violates rights of nations and sees its interests in war and massacre."

In response to recent threats that the option of military first-strike by the U.S. or Israel is "on the table" unless Iran stops its nuclear energy program Iranian military officials have vowed that Iran will defend itself against any military attack. Iran is continuing to exercise its right to pursue the development of nuclear energy – a right which is guaranteed by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.