In Every Way, the U.S.-NATO War in Afghanistan Remains an Aggressive, Imperialist War

June 11, 2017

Today the Pentagon is continuing to carry out offensive military operations in Afghanistan. Villages and airports in numerous cities have been turned into U.S. military bases. U.S. army and special forces operate extensively throughout the country. Through force and fraud the U.S. monopoly capitalist class is trying to turn the land of Afghanistan into its colony.

By colony we mean a country which has been deprived of State independence and has become a possession of an imperialist metropolitan State.

The latest fraud has been an offer by the U.S. to open “peace talks” with those fighting in opposition to the establishment of a U.S. colonial administration in Afghanistan. According to the U.S. spokesman Ashraf Ghani, the “olive branch” is being offered on the following terms: “We want to talk with the Taliban, but it is not an open-ended opportunity. If the Taliban wants to join peace talks, the Afghan government will allow them to open an office, but this is their last chance.”

This offer follows a long list of war crimes committed by the U.S. occupation since 2001, including the mass murder of POWs captured by U.S. forces. As a result of the U.S. invasion and occupation more than 30,000 Afghan civilians have been killed. A climate of fear exists throughout much of the country due to the terrorizing activities of soldiers, police and warlords backed by the U.S. These abuses – arbitrary arrest, torture, kidnapping, rape and extortion carried out by army troops, police and intelligence agents – are frequent and common.

The U.S. occupation aims not only at subjugating Afghanistan but at using that country as another strategic base in its struggle for world domination. The U.S. wants to occupy Afghanistan and use it as a base from which it can oust its competitors and threaten and bully the entire region.

The U.S. occupation, in addition to denying the inalienable right of self-determination to the people of Afghanistan, will only tie the knot for more wars.

But the opposition to the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan is continuing and gaining strength.

The following statement about Ashraf Ghani's proposal was released by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on June 6, 2017.

“Every conference convened to prolong the occupation of Afghanistan is futile and rejected however if it is for ending the occupation and helping in expelling all the foreign military forces then it is welcomed by the Afghans. Talks about peace during the presence of invaders will not yield results and are meaningless.

“The Kabul regime and its masters seek peace and negotiations so the Mujahideen surrender however they shall never succeed in such fake processes. They should not compare true Mujahideen with expired warlords because Mujahideen never surrender to their enemies.”

The only way to achieve peace in Afghanistan is to dispose of the occupation through the withdrawal of all U.S. and foreign troops from Afghanistan and the regaining of the sovereign power of the Afghan people to determine their own affairs.

In the world today, the liberation movements of the colonial peoples and the workers' movements are linked together by common goals. Both movements arise from the oppressed and exploited – from the masses of people. And both movements aim at winning freedom and emancipation. Part of advancing the anti-war movement is linking together the manifold currents of struggles into one mighty torrent – into a broad, popular front against war and imperialism.

A vital starting point for the American people is to carry on a continuous struggle against the chauvinism of the capitalist class. Our constant task is to expose the real class interests – the interests of profit and empire – which drive the war program of the capitalist class. This includes unmasking the demagogy of imperialist pacifism and taking a principled stand in support of the oppressed peoples and in defense of the right of every people to determine their affairs for themselves.