Illegal U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan Takes on New Function

April 17, 2017

After 15 and 1/2 years of occupation, the Pentagon has seen fit to use the country of Afghanistan as an operational testing ground for the largest non-nuclear weapon acquired by the Department of Defense.

The weapon itself, along with its highly glorified use, was designed to intimidate imperialist rivals as well as any nations and peoples who would dare stand up against the dictates of U.S. imperialism. The detonation of the 10-ton bomb killed dozens of anonymous victims and made clear the new U.S. administration's choice to be guided by Obama's program of propping up Ashraf Ghani and the U.S.-installed “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” through war and occupation. The bomb was manufactured by Oklahoma's government-owned McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and cost $170,000 dollars to produce. The amount of damage to the national patrimony of the Afghan people is undetermined.

The Pentagon's April 13 test in Nangarhar province was a contemptible use of the land of a people already assailed by military rule and U.S. occupation for more than a decade and a half. It was a cruel and savage act of aggression.

Moreover, the fact that U.S. military acts of aggression in Afghanistan are being escalated once again shows that the U.S. capitalist class has failed to achieve its aims. Rather than having successfully subjugated the people and suppressed the resistence after 15 years, today U.S. imperialism is forced to resort to the most unreasonable and extremist acts of violence imaginable in order to forestall its inevitable defeat.

From the moment of its conception, the criminal invasion has been: 1) an attack on the principle of respect for the sovereign equality of countries and the prohibition of aggression by one state against another, 2) a brutal violation of the rights of the Afghan nation, and 3) a slap in the face to the American people who came out in their tens of millions to oppose it starting from the very first moments the Bush administration declared it the first front in the so-called “war against international terrorism.”

The defeat of U.S. imperialism in Afghanistan will be an important victory for the entire worldwide camp of opposition to its program for world domination through terror, military blackmail and imperialist war. The national liberation struggle of the Afghan people is just and deserves the redoubled and energetic support of the peoples everywhere.