Haitian Demonstrations Against Foreign Occupation

October 6, 2011

On September 14, hundreds of people joined in a demonstration in Haiti against foreign occupation.

In the capitol city of Port-au-Prince, in front of the presidential palace, people joined together under the slogan: "MINUSTAH Must Go!" Demonstrators expressed their outrage at the July 20 rape of a Haitian youth by U.N. troops. Haitian National police attacked the demonstrators with tear gas.

Hundreds of Haitians also rallied against the U.S.-backed UN occupation in Port Salut on September 5.

More than 12,000 U.N. troops, financed and supported by the U.S., occupy Haiti, imposing a pro-U.S. economic and political system while repressing the Haitian people who are struggling to end the occupation, regain their sovereignty and return their constitutional government to power.