Growing U.S. Presence in Europe

July 28, 2014

The U.S. Defense Department requested $1 billion to pre-position supplies to the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) states of Georgia, Moldova and the Ukraine. MAP states are on track to become NATO member states. Finances earmarked as “Overseas Contingency Funds” will be used to supply the $1 billion. Some of the money will also go to pre-position supplies elsewhere “across Europe, particularly in the territory of newer allies” according to a Defense Department press release.

Since 2004, NATO acquired the following states: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

NATO acquired the following former Warsaw Pact states in 1999: Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

“The MAP was launched in April 1999 at the Alliance’s Washington Summit to help countries aspiring to NATO membership in their preparations. The process drew heavily on the experience gained during the accession process of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, which became members in the Alliance’s first post-Cold War round of enlargement in 1999,” according to the NATO Membership Action Plan fact sheet.

U.S. policy-makers continue to push for “the enlargement of NATO to include nations with democratic values and free market economies” and to extend the operations of this aggressive, military alliance “to deal with the geopolitical problems of the Middle East and Eurasia.”

This latest step by Obama and Congress demonstrates the need for all peace-loving people to speak out and organize against the growing danger of war.