From the lslamic Emirate of Afghanistan:

The Burgeoning Election Scandal

November 23, 2019

About two months ago a theatrical showing under the title 'Presidential Elections' was staged by the Kabul administration. This process labeled 'elections' held in limited areas of city centers had a fraction of the predicted voter turnout but fraud, disorganization and other problems were far greater than predicted. This process forged ahead even as the public and majority of the political parties and activists boycotted it because as forecasted, it would fail in addressing any of the pressing issues of our people.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan declared its opposition to this process from the very beginning and called it unlawful and deceiving. The Islamic Emirate also called upon its believing nation to reject such elections, a call warmly received by the people as the voting process was boycotted and faced failure not only the rural areas but also in the provincial capitals. In order for those promoting this process to retrieve this failure, they turned towards open fraud by stuffing empty ballot boxes with fake votes.

Just as the start of this fraudulent election process was marred by scandals and disorganization, its end and result announcement stages are also mired in controversy. Disputes, finger pointing and warnings are being exchanged among candidates and their teams for the past several weeks now and the issue recently reached a point physical altercation. A recount of votes is taking place in areas where Ashraf Ghani holds clout but election commission offices are shut where team Abdullah has support.

With the intensification of election crisis, the issue of foreign intervention is also bubbling to the surface. Everyone is witnessing ambassadors of occupying countries visiting the election commission on a daily basis, giving instructions to its members, deciding which votes count and which don't and taking control over the entire process. This in turn affirms the stance of the Islamic Emirate that holding elections in the presence of foreign invaders is a futile exercise because ultimate decision making power lies with those who fund this process and seek to attain their objectives through it.

The current situation of the burgeoning crisis hints that the entire election process will soon be declared null and void like its predecessor and the final result will be announced from the American embassy.

Keeping this situation in mind, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again declares that appointing a sovereign head of state in the presence of occupation is impossible. So long as the occupation continues, all undertakings including the election process will continually be used for the interests of the occupiers instead of the homeland – its dividends reaped by the invaders and its ignominy stamped on the foreheads of their stooges.