First Sanctions to Blacken the Reputation of the New Vice-President of Venezuela Imposed by the U.S. Treasury

February 20, 2017

With U.S. efforts at destabilization of Venezuela already at a fever pitch, new muscle is being applied by the U.S. Treasury Department to accuse high level government officials of drug dealing.

This latest application of economic and diplomatic pressure took place on February 13 and invoked the "Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act" of 2000 for the purpose.

According to the Act, the U.S. executive is empowered to penalize U.S. persons for financial transactions with anyone a U.S. president chooses to name as an international drug trafficker.

As is well known, the slogan, "war on drugs" has long been used as a pretext for U.S. aggression in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The office of the Vice-Presidency was chosen by the Treasury Department as a target because, as with every country, the central or federal government is a rallying point for the people in the struggle in defense of their sovereignty.

In addition to sanctions, illegal forces inside of Venezuela are being actively organized by U.S. imperialism through such institutions as the National Endowment for Democracy. In addition, the CIA has carried on a continuous campaign of disinformation and destabilization, both inside and outside the country. The reform process is under attack by the Venezuelan elite in alliance with U.S. imperialism. The aim is to overthrow the Bolivarian government and replace it with a coterie of businessmen and military leaders loyal to the U.S.

The Bolivarian government in Venezuela has taken a stand against neo-liberal economics and IMF-dictated austerity programs and has encouraged an on-going popular movement which is bringing about important changes in the country's economic and political system.

U.S. Imperialism, Keep Your Bloody Hands Off Venezuela!