Filipino People Protest Against U.S. Military

February 19, 2013

On January 17 a U.S. Navy ship ran aground in the environmentally protected Tubbutah coral reef off the coast of the Philippines. After the incident, not only were the U.S. troops involved allowed to evade questioning by Filipino authorities but they were allowed to leave the area and return to their base in Japan.

The ship remains grounded on the reef, damaging some 4,000 square meters of the world heritage site.

This crime is a direct result of the "Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA)" which tramples on the Philippine's dignity and sovereignty by giving the U.S. complete jurisdiction over the actions of its soldiers even when they are in violation of Filipino law.

Since the incident occured the movement in opposition to the Visiting Forces Agreement has grown dramatically. Over the last month, the Filipino people have organized hundreds of protests and mass actions, all across the country, to demand "Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement! U.S. Troops Out Now!"