Editorial Statement of the "Anti-Imperialist News Service"

September 3, 2014

After Israel failed to achieve its stated objectives (to evacuate residents living near the Israeli buffer zone, to reoccupy Gaza or at least to destroy its network of underground tunnels), U.S. officials began actively to call for the pacification of the Palestinian resistance, especially through disarmament.

Of course, the U.S. Congress is at once turning over more weapons to Israeli Occupation Forces. For example, last month Obama signed a bill to free up an extra $225 million for emergency aid. (Most of the Israeli government’s arms financing comes from the U.S.)

The U.S. demand for Palestinian pacification is more than hypocritical; it sets the stage for more Israeli violence against the Palestinians. Obviously no-one could ever disarm the population, especially when the next Israeli military offensive is only a matter of time. On September 2, not even seven days after its ceasefire began, Israel’s military commanders broke their agreement when they allowed sailors to fire at Palestinians fishing near Rafah.

Furthermore, the only thing stopping Israel from acquiring new borders, is the national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, U.S. imperialism is using a front of “neutrality” to divert from the criminal nature of Israel’s settler-colonial expansion. According to the White House, Palestinians must bargain with Israel over their future even while Israel pillages Palestine. A recent statement from the U.S. State Department even minimized as “counterproductive to negotiations” Prime Minister Netanhayu’s short-term plans to displace more Palestinians and raze their homes to the ground.

Clearly the U.S. government is not an “honest” broker seeking “peace” between Israeli zionism and the Arab peoples. To defeat the plots of U.S. imperialism we must support the Palestinian national liberation struggle. Only the path of struggle will result in freedom from zionist occupation and imperialist domination.

The Palestinian liberation struggle is a call to the conscience of all Americans, a demand that we rise in struggle to end U.S. imperialism’s support for Israeli occupation and aggression and support the Palestinian people's inalienable right to a sovereign state in their historic homeland.

The anti-war movement cannot afford to give the U.S. government any breathing space at all. On the contrary. Now is the time to keep the fire burning under the feet of the warmakers, to increase our vigilance and intensify our anti-war struggles.