DPRK FM Spokesman Slams "Nuclear Security Summit"

The following is reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency (www.kcna.kp).

Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) – A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on Monday accusing the U.S. of vociferating about "nuclear threat" from the DPRK at the 4th "Nuclear Security Summit":

The 4th "Nuclear Security Summit" took place in Washington recently to discuss the issues of nuclear terrorism, prevention of nuclear proliferation and reduction of strategic nuclear weapons.

During the summit the U.S. worked hard to stir up the atmosphere of sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK by prodding Japan, south Korea and other followers into creating impressions that the "nuclear threat" from the DPRK is the biggest problem facing the international community.

This is nothing but a crafty artifice to cover up the U.S. true colors as the world's biggest nuclear criminal and evade the blame for the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for advocating "a world without nuclear weapons" from the beginning of his office but became a swindler who has done nothing till now close to its end as he has been engrossed in modernizing nuclear weapons and posing a nuclear threat to the world.

The above-said summit has taken place four times but the prospect of denuclearization of the world is becoming gloomier. On the contrary, nuclear weapons are posing a greater threat to global peace and security. It is by no means fortuitous that the international community is claiming Obama is chiefly to blame for this.

Upset by this, the Obama group is trying hard to evade the accusations by taking issue with the DPRK, a trite method. But this is a foolish act.

The atrocities the U.S. perpetrated by dropping A-bombs on mankind are the thrice-cursed monstrous crimes.

The U.S. is the world's nuclear criminal who has worked hard to maintain its hegemonic position by recklessly wielding a nuclear stick, regarding nuclear threat and blackmail as the tenet of its foreign policy.

This is an undeniable historical fact hard to hide and a stark reality.

It is well known that the Bush administration had posed a nuclear threat to the DPRK since it designated the anti-U.S. independent states including the DPRK as "axis of evil" and targets of preemptive nuclear attack.

The Obama administration has squandered a fabulous amount of funds for modernizing nuclear weapons, far from doing anything for denuclearization quite contrary to its advocacy of building "a world without nuclear weapons." After adopting a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK as its policy, it is staging madcap drills under the simulated conditions of a nuclear war by introducing all type strategic nuclear strike means into the Korean peninsula

Since the Obama administration took office, the U.S. strategic nuclear strike means introduced into south Korea have increased several times, far from decreasing in their scope and number, and its nuclear war drills have become more provocative in their nature.

The U.S. is, at the same time, escalating the hostile moves against the DPRK to the maximum, openly revealing its intention to screw up the political and economic pressure on the DPRK by setting in motion its followers and allies for the implementation of the UN "resolution on sanctions" cooked up against the DPRK's inevitable choice for self-defense.

This is the truth about the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula and the cause of escalating tension.

Confrontation and danger of a war are escalating in Northeast Asia as the U.S. is seeking to tighten the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military cooperation and, furthermore, form a new military bloc for aggression under the pretext of "threat" from the DPRK.

The prevailing situation more urgently requires than ever before the DPRK to bolster the nuclear deterrent for self-defence as it serves as a treasured sword to ensure the sovereignty and prosperity of the country and protect the global peace and security.

The DPRK's bolstering up of its nuclear deterrent in every way is an inevitable choice and a legitimate exercise of the right to self-defence to cope up with the U.S. extreme nuclear threat and blackmail and nuclear war moves.

As already clarified, the DPRK will take decisive toughest countermeasures against the U.S. ever-escalating nuclear war threat and pressure in the future, too.