Department of Defense Plans to Invest Millions More on ISIS War

April 4, 2016

In March, Obama signed off on plans for the Department of Defense to spend more money on Foreign Military Contracting (FMC) in Syria.

Last year the DoD spent $500 million on a similar program but few of the details were made public beyond the claim that the program failed to train as many "rebels" as expected. According to a report given before the Senate Armed Services Committee, as few as 4 or 5 fighters in Syria were trained with the money.

The DoD, with 3.2 million employees, is the largest employer in the world, but the number of contractors working with the DoD is not reported. FMC is generally free of any Congressional oversight and contractor casualties are not reported as non-terrorist combat casualties.

In 2003, the Brookings Institute revealed that FMC is employed for a wide range of military activities and support work, including guarding top U.S. administrators, operating missile defense batteries, and piloting reconnaissance planes. Some FMC is used to provide support work at U.S. military bases, handling everything from construction to mail delivery and cooking – thus enabling the Pentagon to shift regular soldiers from support work to work on front line combat. By 2003, FMC had already been employed in U.S. wars and interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Liberia, Colombia and other countries.

Thus, FMC predates by many years, the appearance of Syrian "rebels" identifying with the sobriquet "ISIS." Since the U.S. withdrew a large fraction of regular soldiers from Iraq and extended the war into Syria, the Pentagon has increasingly relied on FMC to help maximize the potential of its regular soldiers.

Make no mistake, Obama's so-called "war against ISIS," continues to be a war against the peoples and especially against the peoples of the Middle East. Precisely because the U.S. government wants to recolonize Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, and to carry out its program of genocide against the Palestinian nation, it seeks to terrorize and degrade the political culture in America by trying to dehumanize and silence the people of these countries.

Even the UN charter condemns aggression by one State against another and, at least on paper, upholds this principle as a fundamental pillar of international law. It is U.S. imperialism which has violated this principle in the Middle East. It is the work of U.S. imperialism which has declared this principle a thing of the past and which, throughout the entire world, wants to replace it with the doctrine post-Cold war imperialism enshrined in the Paris Charter – the doctrine that Might Makes Right.

The entire million dollar propaganda about "ISIS" is only a reflection of the arrogance and chauvinism of U.S. monopoly capital which relies on its military superiority and claims the superiority of its economic and political system as an excuse to trample on the sovereignty of countries and impose its dictate.