Cuba, Venezuela to Strengthen Integration Bonds in the Next Ten Years

Excerpted from Agencia Venezolana de Noticias

Caracas, November 8 - To celebrate the 10 years of the Integral Cooperation Accord Cuba-Venezuela, alliance to meet social needs of the poor, the two nations will extend this instrument of joint work until the next decade, announced Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during an interview with the journalist Randy Alonso, broadcast by Cuba"s state run Cubavision and rebroadcast by the National System of Public Media of Venezuela.

“This is not about celebrating the past 10 year; we will now implement the accord for the next ten years: 2010-2020,” Chavez stressed.

More than one thousand projects have been carried out through this accord; resources for more than 1.56 billion dollars, which have resulted in medical, educational and cultural benefits through social missions (Mission Barrio Adentro, Mission Ribas and Mission Robinson).

By means of the bi-national cooperation, there have been trained about 24,800 medical students and 20,000 Venezuelan patients have had specialized treatments in Cuba, a nation internationally recognized for its level in health matters.

“We have built a real union between these two nations, that are only one today. This is an example of how we can united to break the chains of backwardness,” President Chavez commented about the accord signed in October 2000.

According to him, the support Venezuela has given to Cuba is modest, but very important. “Every day the two countries will be supporting each other more and better, in order to give the population as much happiness, social security and political stability.”

Chavez reaffirmed that it is “unprecedented and we are showing many things we can do and great goals can be achieved with not many economic and financial resources, but with the immense resource of goodwill and love.”

The accord signed by the two countries meets ten years on Monday, for that reason President Hugo Chavez traveled on Sunday to Cuba to take part on the acts to celebrate the signing of this instrument of unity...