Cuba Calls for Respect for Syrian Sovereignty

The following article – reprinted from Granma International – was published after the "UN Human Rights Council" adopted a resolution accusing Syria of "grave and systematic human rights violations." Russia, China, and India were also among the countries represented at the meeting who did not vote in favor of the resolution.

GENEVA, August 22.—Rodolfo Reyes, Cuba’s representative to the UN Human Rights Council, stated today that the island rejects "any attempt to ignore Syria’s sovereignty."

Reyes added, "It is in the hands of the Syrian people and their authorities to determine their will and future."

The international community "should be providing assistance to guarantee peace, not taking actions to increase the death of citizens," the Cuban representative emphasized.

Cuba trusts in the skill of the Syrian people and authorities to resolve their problems, without intervention from the international community, he continued.

The convening of this session is based on the evident interest of a group of powers headed by Washington, who are even manipulating human beings’ right to life to justify their interventionist objectives, Reyes commented, according to PL.

He lamented the fact that certain political and press media are clearly inciting violence, military aggression and foreign intervention.

The diplomat asked those attending the meeting to consider the barbaric NATO and U.S. actions in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, and those of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories if they are so concerned about human life.