Congress Prepares to Double Iron Dome Funding

July 28, 2014

As people from all walks of life rally all across the country, express their deepest outrage and come out again and again in their millions to demand an immediate end to U.S.-Israeli aggression, the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are preparing to further boost Israel's “deterrent power.”

The emergency bill requesting more aid to Israel was introduced by Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulksi (D) on July 23. Using “Operation Protective Edge” as a pretext, the Senate Appropriations Committee plans to nearly double funds for the Iron Dome from $351 million to $576 million for fiscal year 2015. The U.S. has already poured over a billion dollars into the Iron Dome.

The new proposal is coming at a time when unrelenting Israeli shelling and bombing continues and the Palestinian people have still not been able to bury the hundreds of victims of unrelenting and savage Israeli terror.

U.S. imperialism remains the number one international arms dealer as well as the main source of instability and aggression in the Middle East today.

Funding for the Iron Dome ballistic missile defense system comes not only from American taxpayers but also from Palestinian and Syrian Arab residents of territories seized by Israel in 1967 and from Israeli citizens.

The Iron Dome is a first-strike weapon which can wipe out the strategic or short-range missiles of an adversary, thus destroying its deterrent force and leaving it defenseless. This greatly increases the threat and reality of a first-strike attack.

The extreme aggressiveness of the U.S.-Israeli alliance can be seen in Israel's first-strike attack against a defenseless civilian population under its own legal protection. So too, the Obama administration has repeatedly insisted that it will not be bound by arms treaties or put peace negotiations ahead of its militarist ambitions.

In order to defeat U.S. imperialism's ballistic missile program and fight for the thorough destruction of all weapons of mass destruction we must develop a proactive movement for peace which demands an immediate end to all U.S. interference, aggression and militarism and targets the monopoly capitalist class and the imperialist system as the source of war.