Clinton Tries to Provoke More Speculation about Syria

December 10, 2012

On December 8, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton let Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov know that the U.S. would like Russia's cooperation with the U.S. on Syria. According to Clinton, "Events on the ground in Syria are accelerating and we see that in many different ways. The pressure against the regime in and around Damascus seems to be increasing."

These revelations coincide with the Obama administration's latest push to incite public opinion against the Syrian Arab Republic. Through its policy, the Obama administration is once again invoking the logic of the pre-emptive doctrine which asserts that the U.S. president has unilateral authority to take military action against any country on his prerogative.

The Obama administration has already officially proposed at least 3 "possible scenarios" to justify war on Syria including "support for terrorism," "human rights violations," and "weapons of mass destruction". This method shows not only that the Obama administration is resorting to lies and deception, but also that it is incapable of voluntarily renouncing the aim of subverting Syria's political and economic system no matter what the cost to the people.