CIA Beneficiaries Continue to Organize Terrorist Attacks in Syria

October 7, 2013

Syria was hit by well over a dozen terrorist attacks from September 26th to October 7th, resulting in the deaths of more than twenty-five people, according to reports published by the Syrian Arab News Agency (the state-owned news agency of the Syrian Arab Republic).

On September 26th in Damascus a mortar shell explosion killed one woman and injured three people.

On September 28th, two people were killed and six injured when people trying to enter the Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood of Aleppo City were attacked. The same day in Damascus a child was injured when a mortar shell landed on her house.

Three incidents took place on September 29th in Homs where two people were killed after a shell landed on a school and where houses in two different residential neighborhoods were also hit by mortar shells. On the same day two people were injured during attacks carried out in the Damascus countryside.

The next day a number of houses were bombed by mortars in Jarama city in Damascus Countryside. As a result three people were killed. A car bomb explosion in the region also produced casualties. Also in the Damascus countryside, four people were killed after a mortar shell exploded in al-Nasereih. In a nearby location another attack carried out on a bus injured one person and killed a man and a child. On the same day in Damascus the Chinese embassy was damaged by a mortar shell explosion.

On October 1st in Deir Ezzor, mortar shelling damaged a house and killed one woman and one child.

On October 2nd, two people were killed in an attack in Homs countryside. Aleppo City's main power plant was bombarded the same day, resulting in a citywide power outage.

On October 5th, one woman was killed and ten people injured by a motorcycle bomb explosion in Hasaka.

On October 6th in Damascus, eight people were killed and twenty-four wounded due to mortar shelling of a residential neighborhood.

On October 7th, one adult and one child were wounded by a car bomb explosion in Damascus.

According to the U.S. State Department, the CIA has admittedly been providing equipment and training to its champions in Syria, including the "Free Syria Army," since the middle of 2012. Additional aid is being provided through a State Department office created in 2011 and called "The Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO)."