CIA Beneficiaries Continue to Launch Military Offensives Across Syria

October 27, 2013

According to the Syrian News Agency (the state-owned news agency of the Syrian Arab Republic), from October 21 to 26 at least twenty people were killed and 178 people injured in at least 32 terrorist attacks.

On October 21st in Hama countryside, a woman and her daughter were critically injured by rocket explosions targeting houses in al-Sqalbiyeh. Rockets also exploded on a main road and an oil station.

Two days later there were at least twenty attacks in Syria. In Jaramana, two schools in al-Rawda neighborhood were bombed by mortar shells. The explosions injured one teacher and fourteen students. Twelve more mortar explosions killed three people and injured sixteen more in public squares and residential neighborhoods in Jaramana. In Damascus, four people were killed and eighteen injured when their houses were bombed by mortars. Two people were injured by mortar explosions near a hotel. A person was killed and six people injured when a car bomb exploded in a roundabout. Mortar shells also blew up on the Damascus University campus and on the Damascus fairgrounds. Meanwhile in Aleppo, six people were killed and thirty people injured when three shells exploded on Saadallah al-Jabiri Square. In and around Homs, one person was killed and more than six people were injured by rocket shell explosions in neighborhoods. In Damascus Countryside, a sniper attacked a bus full of people and shot the bus driver. On the same day, an attack on gas pipelines that feed electricity stations in the southern area caused power outages in several Syrian cities.

On October 24th in Homs city, two people were killed and forty people, including children, were injured by a car bomb that exploded near al-Nuzha roundabout just as schoolchildren were leaving their schools. Also in Homs, a school in Bab Sbaa’ neighborhood was bombed. The fuel tank in the school was hit by a mortar shell and set on fire, severely damaging the school.

On October 25th, two mortar shells exploded on houses in al-Ensha’at neighborhood of Sadad town.

On October 26th in Damascus Countryside, a man and a child were injured by mortar shells that exploded on their homes. Also in the region, two people were killed and thirty people injured by a car bomb explosion in Souq Wadi Barada. In Damascus, a child and four women were injured when mortar shells exploded in residential areas. In Homs countryside one person was killed by an explosive device. There was also a rocket attack in the area.

Since early 2011 the Obama administration has been demanding retreat in the face of these military offensives.