Attacks on Operation Resolute Support Forces Continue

February 2, 2015

More Operation Resolute Support forces have been killed.

Over the last week alone, in Ghanzi, Herat, Kabul, Kamdesh and Laghman, more than 20 subordinates of mission commander U.S. General John F. Campbell were killed. Since January 1, the number of fatalities in Operation Resolute Support has climbed to over 100.

The post-invasion phase of the war is about restoring the sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan, according to representatives of both the Democrats and Republicans.

The continued opposition of the people of Afghanistan proves once again that it is the U.S. war which robs the Afghan people of their sovereignty and independence.

The U.S.-NATO war on Afghanistan was launched in order to set a precedent for a “new world order” in which international law based on the recognition of the sovereign equality of all nations, big or small, is scrapped and replaced with the “law” that might makes right.

The defeat of the U.S.-NATO aggressors in Afghanistan will be a victory for the broad international front against war and imperialism which aims at bringing into being that world of peace and friendship which the peoples are aspiring to and fighting for.