Anti-war Protests Across the Country

April 5, 2010

From March 13-20 hundreds of thousands of people organized anti-war demonstrations in cities and towns across the country to protest the aggressive wars of the U.S. government.

Mass actions took place in over 50 cities and towns spanning every region of the country from Asheville, NC to Reno, NV, from Salt Lake City, UT to Austin, TX.

Many people travelled long distances to gather in Washington D.C., as well as to participate in mass actions in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

People from all walks of life participated, including workers, students and youth, community activists, religious groups, soldiers and veterans.

The actions were organized to demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and foreign troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. People also rallied around slogans such as "Hands Off Pakistan!" "Hands Off Iran!" "Stop U.S.-Israeli Aggression!" Opposition to other fronts of the U.S. government's war program was widespread, including opposition to U.S. interference in the Philippines, Korea, Venezuela and elsewhere.