ALBA Summit Breaks New Ground

February 13, 2012

In early February, the 11th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance of the People of Latin America (ALBA) took place in Caracas, Venezuela. Heads of State and top officials from the 8 member countries discussed the efforts of the alliance.  

The focus of the meeting was regional trade and economic association efforts based on the principles of "solidarity, cooperation, complementarity, reciprocity, sustainability, technological sovereignty and economic union" and designed as an alternative to U.S. imperialism's "free trade" agenda and its program of neo-liberalism which aims at U.S. penetration and domination of the economies of Latin America.

Among the many remarkable fruits of the 11th summit:

–a Communiqué declaring full support for the Syrian people and government against foreign interference

–agreements on steps to be taken for the creation of a common economic zone for the "fair and equitable development for our people and not for foreign capital"

–reaffirmation of ALBA condemnation of the U.S. blockade of Cuba

–plans to provide reconstruction assistance to Haiti in line with the ALBA principles of solidarity and respect for self-determination

–A declaration of solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico affirming that "the people of Puerto Rico have the unalienable right of self-determination."  The declaration recalls that Puerto Rico's right to self-determination and full independence has been violated by the colonialism imposed by the United States for over a century.

–a declaration of support for Argentina in its just struggle in defense of peace and sovereignty in the face of British occupation and militarization of the Malvinas islands