U.S. Military Command in Afghanistan Alarmed into Policy Shift

August 20, 2012

Forced to acknowledge yet another wave of military defeats, the U.S. military command in Afghanistan has reacted by implementing a new policy which requires all personnel in Afghanistan to always carry a loaded magazine in their weapon. The new policy also requires that a coalition soldier stand guard against Afghans at gatherings involving both U.S.-NATO military personnel and Afghan security forces.

The new policy was announced after an emergency meeting of at least 40 military commanders was called last week to address the escalating number of attacks by "rogue" Afghan officers and soldiers against U.S.-led coalition forces.

On August 17, the day the policy was announced, two U.S. Special Forces service members were killed by Afghan security forces in the middle of a ceremony in Kinisk organized to hand out weapons to new Afghan recruits. According to Col. Hagen Messer, spokesman for the International Joint Command in the country, "Officials are investigating the incident to determine the facts and as more information becomes available it will be released as appropriate."

That same day, six U.S. marines were killed in similar incidents. Over the span of the previous two weeks, a total of 6 such incidents took place. At least 40 U.S.-led soldiers have been killed in such attacks so far this year.

In addition, seven U.S. troops and 4 Afghan security personnel were killed when a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan on August 16.

The previous week, seven U.S. troops were killed in Afghanistan.

Imperialism will be and is being defeated in Afghanistan but the U.S. government will go on using our daughters and sons as cannon fodder for their aggressive, imperialist war until forced out of Afghanistan by the struggle of the peoples. We must step up our struggle to demand, U.S. and All Foreign Troops Out of Afghanistan, Now!